To sell at Moxie Craft Fest, your merchandise must be handmade, vintage, or homegrown. We consider vintage to be at least 20+ years old. We want our event to be fresh, unique, and different. Because we are looking for a variety of different types of vendors, we will limit the number of each kind of vendor we allow. Vendor categories include but are not limited to: Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Furniture, Household, Fine Art, Paper Goods, Edibles, and Garden. We encourage niche, vintage and other interesting vendors to apply. If you think you have what we are looking for, please submit an application – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

The booth fees are as follows:

*$65 for an INDOOR 6x4 table space

*$95 for an 8x8 INDOOR space (We only have a handful of 8x8 spaces. Those chosen to have an 8x8 space will be notified upon selection.)

$100 for food trucks and other outdoor food vendors.

For our Handmade Holiday market, we will be using the top and bottom floor of Old City Hall. We will not be taking requests for which floor you would like to be on, but we will try and work with any needs you might have for your booth.

Due to limited space, Moxie Craft Fest is a juried event – not all applicants are guaranteed a spot. Because of the overwhelming number of applicants, we charge a $10 non-refundable application fee. Payment for the application fee must be made via the PayPal button immediately after filling out the application, or the application WILL NOT be considered. Payment for the booth fees will be taken only AFTER acceptance. You will be notified of your acceptance by email as soon as we have processed all of the applications. The deadline for applications is Oct.5, 2019.

To keep Moxie fresh, we are always striving to rotate new vendors into our events. Sometimes that will mean turning down a vendor that has participated in prior events, for the soul purpose of giving other makers a chance to showcase their talents.

Tips for applying:

  1. Take the time to make sure all of your information is correct.

  2. If you do not have an updated website or social media platform, please e-mail four or five high quality photos displaying your best work.

  3. We want to be able to simply click on a website or social media link, so please type it in as so.

  4. Make sure your brand is clear and cohesive.

  5. READ everything before jumping into the application.

  6. Moxie is a highly competitive market- show us what you’ve got and put your best foot forward!


Please read through the Terms & Conditions carefully before applying.
If you have any questions, you can email Jenny at

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