2017 Handmade Holiday Market Vendor List

Jayne Dough

Modern Baby and More


Lady & the Franks

SKD Ceramics

Kristina Hoover Fine Art

Drift Away Jewelry                                                                                   

Virgin Apothecary                                                                              

The Small Creative                                                                 

Julie Kay Design Studio                                                             

Belham Herbals                                                                                                                                       

Hannah Roberts Designs

Daughter Handwovens                                                                                                                              


Hope Farm Co.                                                                           

Joyful + Vivid        

Flight of the Parcel                                                                    

Tatiana Cabral Smith                                                                      

Lavender and Bee                                                                     

Bone and Ink                                                                          

House of Pale

The Happy Sea

Herndon Woodcraft

Zany Du Designs

Concrete ETC by EDL

Elizabeth Pottery

MMB By Hand

Velvet Kitchen Vintage

The Nesst

Strawberry Moth

Argile En Cuir

Four and Fourteen

CAMP Craft Cocktail

Love & Moxie

Urban Pigtails